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Doki Doki Literature Club! is a Satanic computer game developed by Team Salvato. Despite its innocuous appearance, it is described as a “psychological horror” game and is rated “M” by the ESRB due to its violence, gore, strong language, and suggestive themes. It is imperative that Christian parents keep their kids far away from this game and that men in Christ look beyond their lust for anime girls and this sinful game that denies the divinity of Christ towards the end of the game. It is easy for parents to overlook the true nature of this game, as it appears to be a cutesy anime game to the untrained eye.

Development[edit | edit source]

Development of the game began when Team Salvato founder Dan Salvato wanted to create a visual novel that was provocative and different from typical fare that involves pornography and other anime tropes popularized by serial sexual pedo perverts in Japan. Salvato made sure to note that all the girls in his game are aged 18 so that people could overlook the violent and sexual content. The game was released in late 2017, and was lauded by the liberal worldly video game establishment media.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The plot involves the player assuming the role of a typical nerdy anime and manga obsessed student who meets their childhood friend Sayori who wants him to join the Literature Club with her, when it’s noted that the player character has never joined an after school club. The player reluctantly joins after being cajoled with a cupcake. From here, the player has opportunities via poem mini games to romance the three members of the club available to romance, including the aforementioned Sayori, the shy bookworm Yuri, and the brash and dumber Natsuki.Club President Monika is not an option to be romanced, due to circumstances laid out further in the synopsis. The first portion of the game involves the player attempting to woo his interest while trying to prepare for an upcoming school festival. This part of the game ends with Sayori revealing her longstanding depression, and then after Monika reveals a morbid poem by Sayori the true satanic nature of the game is revealed as Sayori hangs herself, causing the game to reset without her presence.

The second part of the game begins with Monika introducing the player to the club as it resets, and glitches abound as Sayori is gone. This is because Monika is meddling with the game, then meddling with Yuri and Natsuki so that the player wants Monika instead as she isn’t programmed by the game to be romancable. Eventually, the game plays out with creepy and morbid content that leads to Natsuki’s neck becoming snapped and Yuri stabs herself in excitation with one of her many knives as the player says he loves her. Then the bloody mess is present as the player has to spend an entire weekend in game with the bloody corpse and this amounts to a significant amount of real-game time. Then the player is abducted by Monika as Natsuki is permanently removed as well and held captive in a classroom seemingly in space with Monika after she reveals her wily tricks and how she’s responsible for everything that happened in the game.

Impact[edit | edit source]

This game has inspired a great cult following of anime lovers and other sickos. Satanic treachery has led to its immense popularity with young people and this is a worrying trend as Monika spends the last part of the game denying the divinity of Christ and questioning the very nature of God. Monika says “ I started to wonder why God was helping people pass exams, or get over a cold when there are children who live their lives being sold as sex slaves.” This wicked questioning of the nature of God is likely to resonate with young millennials and zoomers who are becoming increasingly more secular due in part to sinful “entertainment” corrupting the minds of the youth and leading to irreparable harm.

Idolatry[edit | edit source]

This game has spawned fascination with its characters, in particular Monika. The “Just Monika” meme has become so literal that there are people who are “in love” with this fictional wicked demonic anime girl who denies the divinity of Christ. There are large body pillows, stuffed dolls, bed sheets, and “Oppai” mousepads depicting her with large breasts, among other things that those who are are so ensnared of her will buy. This wickedness exists because of the surreptitiously demonic, tempting, tantalizing, lustful, wistful, insidious nature of this character and her wily demonic tricks to attract individuals.

Plus![edit | edit source]

The game was re-released for consoles and PC and Mac in 2021 under the title “Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!” It was made even more dangerous and accessible for kids to where they can get it on platforms they are more likely to own such as Nintendo Switch. It also features “cute” pictures in a photo gallery and “wholesome” “side-stories” to further trap children into this satanic plague.

Modifications[edit | edit source]

Various fans of the game have created modifications of this game that range from the mundane to the absolutely obscene. One such modified game called “Doki Doki Blue Skies” involves romancing the characters and features a scene that references the occult and Ouija boards. It also features pornographic depictions of Sayori and Yuri, meant to be appealing to the sort of people who have fallen into this level of sin as to seek out this sort of degeneracy. Another one is called “Monika After Story” where the player’s sole objective is to romance the wicked sinful seductress Monika and be even more succumbed into her wily ways.